Monday, 11 September 2017

Fire from the Skies!! Showcase.. Ork Burna Bommer......and another project sneaks into the queue. Picture heavy!

Hi All

Bluddtoof ere wiv gud nooz for youz boyz. Not so gud for dem Beakies tho!

I've finally finished my Burna Bommer so I'm  a bit closer to being ready for the next mission in The Cypra Incident; our narrative campaign, which has been on a bit of a hiatus recently due to life getting in the way for both Doc and myself.
I also wanted to get it done ready for my first delve into 8th which is happening in a couple of weeks with the code boys.

So here's a bunch of pics throughout the process, finished one first...

then from when I started back into it a month ago....

I'm pleased, looks good in the cabinets next to the rest of waagghhh!!!!!!!! Bluddtoof.

So then the plan was to jump back to the Imperial Knight, however with Doc mentioning getting ready for Cypra; I decided to revisit the plans we'd made for the next mission and start on the extra bits I'll need for that, namely; some Mek Gunz and a 3rd flyer for starters, then I need to make a bit of scenery for the airfield which will be the setting. So that'll be me busy for a while, I still plan to finish the knight before xmas though.

Here's some wip of the Mek gunz build, Doc donated the track sections from his Taurox and there's an extremely old metal gun carriage with what was either a Traktor kannon or Smasha gun from the 90's I think, either way it will find itself re purposed into a modern mek gun. My first model is my take on a bubble chukka, then I'll do 1 of each of the other types.

As ever C&C welcome.


Sunday, 3 September 2017

Were on facebook give us a like -- pretty please -- oh go on then

Evening all,

Quick post tonight to highlight our blog facebook page.

Increasingly code40k members are sharing wip and showcase's through this medium but also interacting with events and local stores.

So please head on over and give us a like here.  Most us are based in the Worcester area of the uk so if you ever want a game please get in touch through facebook or the the code40k email:

As way of a sneak peak and why you should look at the facebook group check out boss bludtoofs latest wip:

Hopefully this has peaked your interest and you will pop over take a look and gives us a like!


Doc out............................................

Sunday, 20 August 2017

Hobby Season 2016/17 Recap and Future Endeavours Hobby Season 2017/18

Afternoon All,

Welcome to my round up of last years completions and on to setting targets for the year ahead.  Firstly to say in October last year our lives changed after we successfully adopted two children so this years progress is a little slow but all the posts can be found here.

I managed to complete 6 projects from my list for last years season including:

2 Chimeras
Command Squad
Tactical Legionnaire Squad

For this years list i intend to be more realistic and set myself some sensible goals!

So here goes this years list is:

6 Scimitar Jetbikes
20 Assault Marines
10 Deathshrouds
Valkyrie Gunship
Avenger Strike Fighter
3 Leman Russ Tanksand
and hopefully another knight!

Wish me luck whats your plans folks?


Doc out