Tuesday, 15 August 2017

Projects, Projects, Projects!!

Hi All

Bluddtoof here, been a while since I posted and quite a while since I engaged in any painting too, what with a hot spell, a wedding and a major project in the garden.
I've got my motivation back now though and some time for the hobby, so I thought I'd just post a little update on my recent work and plans for the rest of the year...

So as you can see in some of my posts from this year I've started a 30k Imperial Fists army, currently part way through a breacher squad...

They'll need to be finished.....

However I kick started my mojo by jumping back to my 2nd Imperial Knight, a Questoris Magaera...

I'm gonna finish this bad boy before jumping to anything else, next will be the breachers to finish, then the Ork Burna Bomma I started a while ago and a Thunderbolts Contemptor I started even longer ago! And then of course I need to finish up my Blood Bowl Dwarves and Orcs

Posts for the Imperial Fists are here

Posts for the Blood Bowl teams are here , and here , and also here

and Posts for the Contemptor are here

Then once all of those projects are done I'm going to tackle my Stag present from the Code boys......
...an Acastus Knight Porphyrion! Love those Guys!!

So that's me done for now, stay tuned for progress reports over the next few months and hopefully by the end of the year all that will be done.


Sunday, 30 July 2017

House Move Complete - New Hobby Space

Hi All,

Well our house move is finished and a family holiday just a 4 year old's birthday next weekend and life will return to normal.  As a result all is quite on the modelling front although I now have a permanent hobby space something I haven't had for some time.

After spending quite some time on it getting stuff where I want it and finding missing stuff.  I have managed to get it looking like this:

I will slot my pc in the gap when I get around to it.

Good natural light plus may pick myself up some daylight bulbs or lamps.  If anyone would like to share a link or links to good lights they recommend that would be great.  I have laid out my scimitar jetbikes as they are first project to finish off then it will be a valkyrie gunship for my guard.

Spent some time further labelling boxes and so on to make it easier to find stuff.  This doesn't look like much but i have so much more not pictured and finding stuff is important!

So much stuff still to build should stop buying really.... oh the rest of my life lol!

This room also has a handy key lock entry so I can leave glues, paints and knives lying around without worry of my small people interacting with them!  Anyway until next time when I get back to normal hobby updates and hopefully have fitted in a game of 8th with Dark Bristles.



Wednesday, 19 July 2017

Perverts on your knees...

Evening all
Firstly abit of music to keep the noise marines happy

In my absence the world has been torn apart and a girlyman is walking round pretending he's the Emperor sowing his geneseed wildly. I haven't yet dived into 8th edition and as my chapter (Space Wolves) don't have a very good history of playing well with others I'm in no rush for big marines, just think I'll use what I have till I've played abit more.

Anyhow what i am doing is scratching another itch and diving into 30k. So far i'm painting my blob squad and the characters from the Calth box set after that a support squad, heavy weapons squad and a contempor. Then maybe abit of zone mortallis while i collect vehicles

Here are some WIP shots of the Emperor's Children, waiting for shoulder pads to arrive before I continue. 

The Chaplin is the nearest completion

Cannon fodder

Legion Vexilla/Sergeant/Nuncio-vox
 The Sergeants chest eagle is off a 40k marine torso and the Nuncio-vox is kitbashed from drop pod harness' and an auspex


Sergeant and corporal
The Sergeant and what I call a Corporal are magnestised and the Corporal head can be swap so i can make 2 10 man squads out of the blob if needed.

thats about it for now, the only question left is are they goodies or baddies

Sunday, 11 June 2017

WIP - Heresy Era Death Guard Scimitar Jetbikes

Afternoon All,

Another post so quickly after the last that is rare but I wanted to keep up some momentum after completing the Medusa.  My next project is 6 jetbikes which require a lot of sub assemblies and paint jobs.

I decided on 3 sections the rider, the bike and the base.  For the base I have ensured the stalk of the flyer base remained clear by masking it off.  For the riders they have been temporarily attached to a base or a wine bottle cork.

I have a feeling this unit is going to take quite a while certainly one model is probably equivalent in time to painting 5 tactical legionnaires so I will be awarding myself 5 points for each when they are completed.

Current Progress:

I have 3 jetbikes ahead of the rest once the base colours are down I catch the rest up.

As always with me I have take one on further just to ensure I am happy with the colour scheme and the key part for me was where to add some green to the model.  Anyway after deliberation went for the above?  Any thoughts?

Here's the zombie riders primed up

So such a big, time consuming unit to get up and running.  However, they are such cool looking things that keeps you going.  Hope to be back soon with further progress.


DOC out...........................................

Wednesday, 31 May 2017

There has been some hobby progress - Showcase Death Guard Medusa

Evening All,

Doc here, I have been trying to write this blog post for a few days now and life seems to get in the way.  Anyway I please to be able to showcase my newly completed well since last Friday finished Medusa. This is my first tank for my death guard and I am happy with it.

This tank is on my Hobby Season list so I will also be awarding myself a giant purple sticker for the first time in quite a while hoorah....

I also snapped some work in progress pictures which I will share first up followed by the completed model.  Before I start though my first picture is my motivation to paint this army

This is a picture of a game played against Boss Bludtoof in Feb and boy has it got my goat.  This isnt me I paint my armies.  This will serve as a reminder forever more to get this army up and running!

So first off a build shot before priming and I admit they are slight pain with the canopy and the hair dryer was required to bend pieces into shape but we got there in the end.

Car park photo is next as I primed two of them, plus the scorpius and the LD vindicator at the same time.

I followed the same method of painting on this as my infantry prime vallejo grey wash agrax and 45 degree spray white.  I found this gives me a simple white armour to work from.  The photo above shows the washed stage and also sneak peaks another future project.

This shot shows the white applied and me starting to work up the metal, track work and the obligatory green stripe.

This shot is much further on with decals applied highlighting done, inside gun area completed.  For the most part this is a clean shot prior to weathering

This shot was just before completion and I lined up an infantry model for some comparison.  I think they work well together.

Completed shots here follow.  Only difference from above is crew added and weathering on the tracks plus a coat of Matte varnish.  I will say that is one thing I am not happy with the matte varnish dulled and in some cases removed the powder work.  So if anyone out there has any tips for sealing powders without loosing the dry effect please let me know in the comments.

I hope you like this completed model please leave me love below or constructive scorn.  On this basis I award myself a major  sticker as it is my first death guard vehicle.

Cheers DOC OUT......................................