Sunday, 14 January 2018

Arming for The Cypra Incident...... Ork Battlewagon

Hi All

Bluddtoof here with a somewhat delayed update on my progress with my Orks.
This model will be used later in the campaign but it was painted in the autumn to be fielded at Six Up Save's tournament; Skirmish III.
I'm including it in our Cypra posts as it will be Warboss Bluddtoofs ride, when he eventually arrives on planet!
This is the third ork model I've painted recently, I'd taken quite a while off orks to do other armies and try new things. As a result my painting has evolved a little over time, inevitably, and the recent models have quite a bit more attention given to them; more detailed shading and highlighting and different weathering techniques.
So what started with the burna bommer and moved into the gorkanaut has now been applied to my new battlewagon, finished pics....

I really like this model, easy to build, lots of options, nice ramshackle and almost cartoony orky appearance. Also quite easy to build in a modifiable state so you can field it in different kit outs and all without the need for magnetisation. Unfortunately on it's first 3 outings at the tourney it proved to be a massive bullet magnet! Hopefully just new model syndrome!
Here's a few wip pics...

Hope you like it, I do and I'm pleased to now be able to apply recently acquired techniques to new models in an older army without them looking out of place.
As ever C&C welcome.


Saturday, 6 January 2018

The Flesh Is Weak

Happy new year all, Bristles here with a little sneak peak at what I’ve been up to lately!

I’m a big fan of the Horus Heresy book series and have read nearly all the main books and one legion has always stood out for me, one legion has always captured my imagination and that’s the Iron 10th, the Iron Hands. 

I’ve also been desperately trying to avoid collecting the wonderful new Primaris marines as I think they are superb. 

So basically I failed on that and decided to do a 2k point Primaris only list to ‘scratch that itch’. 

As I’d already written my list and decided on what units I wanted it was rather easy to not get carried away buying stuff on a whim, but as I wasn’t going to be getting masses of models I wanted to make each unit distinctly more ‘Iron 10th’ than just a paint scheme. 

I scouted around a bit and got some pretty cool Bionics from Anvil Industries and Luko Dakka put me onto the idea of Skitarii heads for mech style heads so here’s what I’ve built and painted so far.....

I’m having a real hoot painting these guys - hopefully it shows!

I intend to be running 1k of them at a doubles tourney next month so will keep you posted with how they perform!

Thanks for reading and, until next time, happy hobbying!


Friday, 5 January 2018

The New Year - More Cypra Incident and More 19th Dicers

Happy New Year folks and welcome to 2018!

Morning All,

Hope you have all enjoyed the lords of reaping blog event we had for December I suspect more posts may pop out of the paintwork on that front as code members cannot always make it in December with family commitments.

Anyway just to say the new year marks the start of a new painting points year as I aim to catalogue what I paint each year.  Please see the right hand side bar on the website version of the blog to see how I get on.  Aim this year is 50 figures as I completed just 40 in 2017.

The next project hitting my desk is the preparation for the air base assault mission for The Cypra Incident.  For those who need a catch up the last mission can be found here.  Or you can click on the link to all the cypra incident posts on the left hand side of website version of the blog.

So we have agreed to build and paint at least 3 flyers each..... eeek I have only done one so Boss is already up on that front.  However, I started to think what I would like to go alongside the flyers and thought some scions fits with this kind of daring mission.  I thinking I will build 3 squads eventually but as I popped into GW for something special earlier I picked up a box....

The thing that strikes is is how advanced the kits are compared to both the cadians and catachans.  They really are nice figures so I am very happy with my decision!

The other thing I picked whilst in GW was Sly Marbo...  Nice sculpt dodgy hairdo and disappointingly finecast but hey ho here he is put together.

I don't expect to get too much further as I have my final two masters exams to get through but it felt nice to have a play with these for a couple of hours. More to come when I am able.


DOC out......

Sunday, 31 December 2017

Showcase - Magnus the Red Demon Primarch - Lords of Reaping 2017

Hi All,

First off Happy New Year or very nearly to you all.....

Finally got round to my lords of reaping post.  Magnus the Red himself.  

"If I am guilty of something it is the simple pursuit of painting knowledge!"

He was painted using scale 75 paints which I cannot recommend more highly.  The model also allowed me to play with skin blending using the airbrush for the first time.  Alongside this I experimented with the use of Nihilakh oxide over white and cream which gave a nice finish to the loin cloth.  

Overall I am very happy with him and will share pictures of his thousand sons brethren at a later date.

Right picture fest time.... and I mean picture fest time as I had a play with the camera settings to see how it would turn out.  Please let me know what you think of my Magnus?

Ok this doesn't show you much but I liked the style and horror it creates in black and white!

Enjoy the new year celebrations



Thursday, 28 December 2017

Lords a Reaping 17 - Guilliman and FW Avatar

Ho  Ho Ho all, and Merry Christmas.

I have not posted on here in quite a while, mainly due to small people, house building work and dogs taking up so much of my time.

But as this is a special time of year I thought I needed to pull my socks up make an effort to get a post done.

Unfortunately, the only painting I have been doing recently is with a few litres of Dulux, so I made a call to my brother…….

First up is the top man of the Space Marines - Guilliman!

He is currently staying with me to lead my primaris contingent in to battle. Pics of these in the new year.

Next up is another lord of war. This is the FW avatar that he has painted a Christmas present to my dad.

Finally, here is a pic of the 2 of them facing off

I will see if he has time to send me the details on how he painted them, and I will post them at a later date.

I am aiming for some more hobby time in the new year and will start with a post reviewing what I have been up to and my plans for 2018