Friday, 17 November 2017

Showcase Imperial Regiment the 19th Dicers Valkyrie

Hi All,

Doc is on a roll here is post no 3 in just under 10 days!  Anyway this post showcases the finished Valkyrie for Skirmish 3 unfortunately I didn't quite get it finished for the next cyrpa mission which Boss will write up soon.

I don't normally talk much about tactics preferring to talk fluff and hobby stuff but I quickly learnt equipping this model with lascannon and hellstrike missiles meant it was useless 2 shots a turn hitting on 5's if you moved.....  Anyway equipping it with Lascannon, Multiple Rockets Pods and 2 Heavy Bolters however works much better especially as the new codex allows you to move in hoover mode and not suffer the -1 to hit.

Since retrofitting it the results are much more encouraging and I haven't found loosing the -1 to hit by being in hoover mode too much of a problem it is still toughness 7 with 14 wounds.

Anyway on to the showcase hope you like...

As always constructive comments are most welcome...


DOC out....................................................

Friday, 10 November 2017

Showcase Imperial Regiment the 19th Dicers Basilisk

Hi All,

As promised a first completed post for the dicers as I head into Six up Save's skirmish 3 event.  As i mentioned in the previous WIP post this model is a rescue from my youth.  Since the last post I decided to build some crew from my bits box and went to town on the weathering.  In the end given the age of the model I am really happy with the end result.

I even managed to bob round to innermechs and use his photo booth to snap some better shots:

Overall happy with the finish and it matches nicely some of the earlier tanks.  Not bad considering the time lapse between them being completed and the fact the earthy red is a mixed paint!

The beady eyed will notice the tracks are not perfect and I debated trying to take them all off and sourcing new ones but two things stopped that time and money.  After all this model has a history with me and the little bit of track reminds me of that!

Second crew member complete with hammer and pistol essential basilisk firing equipment surely..............

For those who may be interested in an alternative head this crew men's head came from victoria minatures all the way from aus!

Hope you like as always please give me some constructive feedback.


Doc Out...............................................................

Tuesday, 7 November 2017

Imperial Regiment the 19th Dicers - More Reinforcements WIP - Returning to the Cypra Incident

Morning All,

I have been busy preparing for my game with boss bludtoof and beyond that Skirmish 3 tournament with the 19th Dicers.  I cannot emphasise how much I love this army!  I have tried to recycle many models as part of this process also bringing old stuff back to life is quite satisfying after all.

For this game with Boss I needed to finish the Basilisk, Valkyrie and some additional infantry....  As it happened I didnt quite get there but here is some work in progress stuff and this post will be followed by some showcase posts of completed models.


Wednesday, 1 November 2017

Dreadtober - Bjorn Again

No not them :)

As promised I found a better camera

The last of the Company of Russ

When your the oldest living Space Marine and watched Prospero burn I think you deserve a bit of bling, I did some conversions to him too - He stands slightly taller then other Dreads and as you can make out I bent his leg and remodelled his CC arm to a slightly more active pose then a normal Dread.

With his bodyguards they'll make a fairly nasty Vanguard Detachment and because hes a character with only 8 wounds he can't be targeted easily :D

Cheers and Thanks for all the kind comments

Tuesday, 31 October 2017

Dreadtober - Bjorn

Happy Halloween all,

Phew ...

So a very busy Dreadtober for me , 4 Dreads tabletop ready (finished is a dirty word) to the 4' rule :)

They will all need abit of polishing but thats for another day, I'll also dig my camera out for some decent group shots

Don't eat to many sweets ;)